Penny Fours - 20%


Were £180

With a nod to the daring ‘wheelwomen’ of the 1890’s, the intrepid tweed-ed travellers and a lick of contemporary style, we have (drum-roll..!) the Penny suit!
Our Penny Fours have a high fitted waist and good back rise to make them really comfy -and suitably practical- and finish a little below the knee.
They button up with a sailor front, (to include ample front pockets) and fold and button at the hem. With all buttons move-able this means they can be adjusted a little for varying leg and tummy sizes!

Made from our extra special Himalayan tweed; Tibetan sheep’s wool hand spun, woven and naturally dyed by the village members of a remote community enterprise. Fully lined with organic cotton.

Find out more about this fabric and our design process on our blog.

Before ordering, please check your measurements againsed our size chart on out 'ordering' page
Available in sizes S, SM, M, ML
If your size doesnt seem to be available, please get in touch and we will be able to give you an estimated delivery time. XS and L sizes made to order