A size is just a number...!

We are all different shapes and sizes... and our personal shape and size will change throughout our life. There are standard industry size charts that give a guide to the measurements of various sizes of person –but we all know that when you take an average, that usually means it won’t actually fit anyone! So, every design house tweaks the measurements and size increments a little to try and fit the most common figure type amongst their own customers. This is why you might be a size 12 according to one system, but then find another range doesn’t fit you at all!


As all of our clothes are handmade by us, we can make some adjustments to get a good fit for an extra 10% of the ticket price. So if you find that none of our sizes are quite right for you, just ask!


The table below shows how our standard sizing works. But first, PLEASE MEASURE YOURSELF! Dont just go on the size of jeans you normally buy, because they have been tweaked a bit too!


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