Whilst trying on our flannel trousers someone told me that the mark of good clothes is that you can forget you are wearing them. I love this notion, and absolutely agree, but for me, whenever I put on my Welsh flannel trousers I think of the Royal Welsh centenary display when I was 19. As I stood watching the welsh mountain ponies, some pulling carts, being led round by people dressed in mining clothes of flannel shirts and tough old boots it brought tears to my eyes. The hardship those families endured, the promise of a better life, the ponies that were brought down from the mountains to work until they could no longer stand. It still makes me cry, but it is part of my history, and using welsh flannel is my homage to those people. The lady that brought the trousers that day will not think of miners when she puts them on, she will generate her own memories that will be tied to those trousers. I like clothes like that.


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